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Commercial Equipment / Installment Loans

Purchasing equipment, vehicles, or marine vessels? Our loans allow you to repay the purchase over several years at a fixed monthly payment instead of using all of your capital at one time.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Want to stop renting and become an owner or want some added income from a commercial investment property, our real estate loans are the answer. Whether it be owner occupied or investment property, we have fully amortizing loans for up to 25 years to finance the purchase.

Construction Loans

Building an office building, retail property, single family house or multi-unit property we have a loan product for you. We can finance just the acquisition and development phases or structure it as a construction perm loan. Our loans provide interest rate protection and lower transaction costs since there is only one settlement!

Investment Real Estate Loans

If you have or are acquiring a property, we can provide long-term financing that is fully amortizing so you don’t have to worry about the note ballooning. If an LLC owns your property or is the borrower, that is not a problem for us since we portfolio our loans and don’t sell them.

Lines of Credit

Growing and can’t always match cash inflows and outflows, have a seasonal business that is capital intensive for a particular time of year or just want that safety net, we provide business lines of credit that are designed to float up and down throughout the year.

SBA 504 Loans

Acquiring an owner-occupied building and want to conserve some capital, an SBA 504 loan may be the answer. Attractive interest rates and term structures along with less cash out of pocket are just a few of the benefits of this product.

Loans for short term real estate purchase, renovation and sale projects

Don’t want to use all of your own capital or want to reduce transaction costs, our short-term real estate investment loan can be the answer. Designed for up to 18 months, allows time to purchase renovate and sell a property while only paying interest monthly until you sell the property.

Please contact one of our Commercial Lenders for more information:

Michael Schutt
410-477-5000 Ext. 1024
NMLS# 616486

Gregory J. Lawson
410-276-4905 Ext. 2026
NMLS# 266572

Lawson Newcomb
NMLS# 1669524

Dane Schriver
NMLS# 764790

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